CSECO Attends 32nd Annual International Drug Enforcement Conference in Cartagena, Columbia

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) was among the delegates from 127 different countries who recently attended the 32nd Annual International Drug Enforcement Conference. This year's event was held in Cartagena, Columbia. The conference brings together leading authorities from around the world who are fighting the war on drugs.

The conference, which was held in Rome, Italy in 2014 and Moscow, Russia in 2013, is designed to help the heads of police forces and anti-drug agencies worldwide discuss new strategies to help them in their fight against drug trafficking. CSECO was a bronze Sponsor for the event which occurred June 2-4 at the Cartagena de Indias.

CSECO has been involved in the war on drugs since its beginning in the early 1980s. Patrick J. Campbell was approached by the United States government to design and develop a contraband detection tool that would be easy to use for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, but that would provide clear indication of the presence of contraband whether it was narcotics, alcohol, weapons, currency, or other types.

Since Campbell was an expert of using radioactive elements, he used radioactive isotope technology to locate contraband when it was hidden in different mediums including wood, masonry, cushioning, metal, liquids, or reinforced plastic all without damaging the surface that is being scanned. The result of Campbell's efforts, along with assistance of the CBP agents, was the Buster K910B Density Meter. It was the first contraband and narcotics detector to use low intensity gamma radiation and scintillation which allows the user to quickly, and accurately, scan cars, trucks, boats, and buildings for hidden contraband. Generally, it takes less than five minutes to scan a vehicle and less than ten minutes to scan an average sized room.

In early 2015, CSECO announced their newest equipment for contraband and narcotics detection, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System. This unit, which is part of the CT-40 Contraband Team Detection Kit, replaces the fiberscopes that were included in the CT-30 Contraband Team Detection Kit. The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope has a five inch multi-directional color LCD monitor. It has push-button digital zoom and is able to take both still photographs and digital video which are stored on the tool. The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope was the first videoscope to receive certification from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) which certified the unit as being safe for use in gasoline, diesel fuel, and other flammable liquids.

CSECO maintained a booth during the conference. Both the Buster K910B Density Meter and the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System were demonstrated during the 2015 IDEC. CSECO was featured in the video from IDEC Rome that was shown prior to the beginning of each day and will be included in the video they will show in Lima, Peru, next year.

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Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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