Contraband Detection: CSECO Tools Are Very Effective

Through tremendous help from technology and brilliant minds, contraband detection has truly come a long, long way. Inspecting, detecting, locating, and seizing contraband accurately, effectively, and with relative ease when compared to over a couple of decades back.

Did you know that before CSECO released the Buster Density Meter, drug interdiction and border patrol agents had to rely on rudimentary tools, flashlights, their sense of touch, and their gut feel to help them detect hidden contraband? Sometimes, police would often bring K-9 units with them. If a dog sniffed something suspicious in a vehicle, for example, officers would take it as an indication that contraband might be hidden. But they could not confirm it unless they would tear apart parts of the vehicle.

Oftentimes, though, the officers would come up empty-handed and this would leave the driver with a damaged vehicle. Proving that the suspected driver turned out to be innocent and thus not carrying any hidden contraband, he might file a complaint against the police for damage of property.

Some would employ the use of other contraband detectors using several types of technologies such as microwave, millimeter wave, radio wave and ultraviolet wave. However, none of them were also able to detect hidden contraband accurately and effectively.

Nowadays, law enforcement across the country is fortunate to benefit from sophisticated contraband detection equipment, specifically those made by Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO). It has an impressive array of contraband detection tools that are the result of years of study, research and testing. These tools have been guaranteed to bring fast and accurate results easily and conveniently.

CSECO is famous for the Buster Density Meter, its flagship product. Its superior low-intensity gamma radiation and scintillation detector technology are proven effective in detecting many types of hidden contraband from drugs to cash to explosives. It can also be scanned over many kinds of items and spaces -- from cars, walls, furniture, container vans, and trucks.

While the Buster can detect and locate hidden contraband, sometimes there is a need to actually see what's inside the suspected object. Therefore, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope System is the perfect solution. Its 5-inch, high-resolution color LCD monitor with push-button dimming and zoom will enable you to capture clear pictures or video evidence while maintaining visibility in immediate surroundings. Its tungsten-protected shaft can be snaked inside and through objects that the Buster obviously cannot have access, like gas tanks and wall crevices. The Perfect Vision V20 videoscope is certified "safe" by the Underwriters Laboratory -- the first contraband detection tool to have such distinction. It allows the videoscope to be used in certain hazardous areas like gas tanks.

Let us not forget the other amazing tools from CSECO!

The Leica Laser Rangefinder is a competent alternative to those who cannot afford the Buster or those who want to bolster their anti-drugs and contraband drive. The Leica Laser Rangefinder measures false walls, hidden compartments or anything that has hidden space where smugglers stash the contraband.

The PM-10 Extension Mirror is an extremely useful tool especially for the border patrol agents who inspect every passing vehicle on the US border. It is used to check for tool marks or signs of tampering under, above, or around a vehicle in locations that are quite inaccessible. It also comes with a flashlight to enable officers to do inspections at night or in darker locations.

These exceptional contraband detection tools from CSECO have made it possible that you can effectively detect and locate hidden contraband without dismantling objects that are suspected of carrying them.

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Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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