CSECO Inspection Probe Kits

CSECO Contraband  Detection Heavy Duty Inspection ProbesCSECO Contraband  Detection Heavy Duty Inspection ProbesCSECO Contraband  Detection Heavy Duty Inspection Probes

CT-PTK Personal Tool Kit

The CT-PTK Personal Tool Kit was designed with direct input from US Customs and Border Protection advisors. This handy kit gives narcotics interdiction officers everything they need to inspect, probe, or open packages and other suspicious cargo without having to go search for the right tool. The tools in the CT-PTK permit hand inspection of small spaces involving physical probing and common small object disassembly for inspection and/or safety purposes. Once the Buster contraband detector indicates the presence of contraband, the narcotics interdiction officer can use the CT-PTK to locate and remove the contraband.

The CT-PTK consists of:

1 each

P-41-PT 3/8" x 8" Stainless Steel Custom Inspection Probe with "T"-Handle and an 8" Extension. The probe has a perforated and grooved tip designed for sample retention and extraction.

1 each

P-40-PT 3/16" x 8" Stainless Steel Custom Inspection Probe with sample tip as above.

1 each

MPTS Multi-purpose Handheld Utility Tool set including assorted drivers for screws and bolts, files, saw, small scissors, pliers, and knives.

1 each

Flashlight 7" LED MagLite Flashlight

1 each

Case Belt Mounted, Military-nylon, Custom Carrying Case with secure retention flap.

Learn more about the CT-PTK Contraband Team Personal Tool Kit by going here.


CSECO Probe Kits CSECO Probe Kits CSECO Probe Kits

P-41X Heavy Dut Inspection Probe Kit

The P41-X Heavy Duty Inspection Probe Kit is designed for inspection of large pieces of cargo. Each probe tip has holes and serrated edges used to collect samples of the cargo. This lets the user inspect cargo without having to empty all of its contents, saving lots of time. The probe also has extensions that enable it to reach a length of almost 5 feet for deeper inspection of the cargo.

The P41X Inspection Probe Kit allows penetrating suspected contraband containers, removing a quantity of embedded material for analysis. The probes have grooves and holes at the top to capture and hold material.

  • 3/16 x 15" SLIMLINE stainless steel probe
  • 3/8 x 15" Heavy-duty stainless steel extension with sample retrieving tip
  • 3/8 x 15" Threaded stainless steel extension with integral handle
  • 3/8 x 15" Threaded stainless steel extension section
  • Expandable from 29" to 57"
  • Military nylon carrying sheath to keep all probe parts together

PN-30 Pocket Pencil Probe

The PN-30 Pocket Pencil Inspection Probe is designed for inspection of small packages and delicate upholstery. The PN-30 is popular due to its small size and mobility as the user can carry it right in their pocket. The PN-30 has serrated edges on its tip to collect samples for inspection.

  • 4" stainless steel needle and sampling tip
  • Retractable needle
  • Pocket clip for easy handling
Using CSECO Contraband Detection Inspection Probe in cars Demonstration of CSECO Contraband Detection Probe

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