Undercarriage Inspection Mirror

PM-10 Telescoping Inspection Mirror with Flashlight
Data Sheet

Individuals attempting to transport contraband such as illegal drugs or weapons often attempt to hide the items in hidden compartments or hard to reach places on a vehicle. Law enforcement and interdictions officers understand and have the tools to locate and seize the contraband, keeping it off the street or from reaching its final destination.

One such tool is the Undercarriage Inspection Mirror which allows officers to look for tool marks or signs of tampering under, above, or around a vehicle in locations that are difficult to get to. The mirror may also be used to check under a vehicle for possible explosive devices, one of the most common places explosives are hidden. The mirror extends from 20” up to 44” (just under 4 feet) and has latches that lock the extension in place at a number of different lengths between.


PM-10 Telescoping Inspection Mirror with Flashlight Data Sheet

Each system includes:

  • 20” – 43.75” (51cm – 112cm) telescoping shaft extension with flashlight mount
  • 6” x 7.75” (15cm x 20cm) adjustable angle rectangular mirror
  • 10” (25cm) removable Mag-Lite Flashlight using 2 C Cell batteries
  • Aluminum shaft construction


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