Demonstration Testimonial

Product Demonstration Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern,

During the fall of 2010 I was made aware of a series of products to assist in the detection of “contraband” by a company called Campbell/ Harris Security Equipment Company. I found the items interesting and as a result got in touch with a CSECO sales representative.

He was extremely helpful and sent me literature about his company’s product which I reviewed and passed on to my command officers for purchase requests. At this time I was advised to check these products out to make sure that a potential monetary investment by the York Regional Police is worthwhile one.

I made arrangements with CSECO to attend at our facilities, which are in Canada, a fair distance from CSECO’s home base in the USA.  In December 2010, a CSECO representative attended a meeting at our police facilities and gave an extensive presentation on the CT-30 Contraband Team Inspection Detection Kit. This was extremely worthwhile, as myself along with our field investigators not only saw the products being displayed, but also had a chance to actually get some “hands on” experience, specifically using the Buster K910B and the Fiberscope.

I received positive feedback from the field investigators on how these products can assist them in the detection of contraband.  It also gave my command officer a chance to observe the products in use.

The demonstration included officers from the Drug and Intelligence Units and, as a last minute opportunity, included officers from our Tactical (SWAT) and Explosive Disposal Units who found this equipment extremely useful for some of their operational needs.

I am currently preparing a business plan to purchase the CT-30 Contraband Team Inspection Kit.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend a similar demonstration from CSECO to demonstrate this product (CT-30) using ‘real world’ conditions. The demonstration is free, and the CSECO representatives are extremely articulate and very pleasant to do business with.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the above.


Det./Sgt. Boeheim 
Drugs & Vice Unit
York Regional Police
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada



Currency recovered from hidden locations in a vehicle using Buster K910 Density Meter and Contraband Detection Equipment Packages hidden in a vehicle which were seized using CSECO contraband detection equipment.


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