The Most Important Pieces of Drug Interdiction Equipment

Drug interdiction is one job that shouldn't be taken lightly. It comes with several risks, dangers, and uncertainties along the way. That would be compounded if improper or inferior drug interdiction equipment is used that would exponentially damage the property and/or injure the user.

To say that using proper and safe contraband detection tools are important is an understatement. They are a must. They should be the standard for law enforcement agents particularly for those working in drug interdiction or anti-smuggling departments. When looking for the tools essential for your job in drug interdiction, you shouldn't rely on unverified or unproven claims. In other words, there is no sense in taking chances.

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) has been in the contraband detection tools business for over three decades. The company knows exactly what you want and need when it comes to drug interdiction tools, and it knows what are the most important tools for your job.

If you are not familiar yet with CSECO's line of contraband detection equipment, you should start by learning about the Buster Density Meter. The Buster is CSECO's first product, developed by the company's founder Patrick J. Campbell with input from no less than the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, who tested it in the field to ensure its accuracy and efficiency.

The first version of the Buster was the Buster K910B, which had long been called the "gold standard" of contraband detection equipment since it first came out. But CSECO has made it even better with the release of the latest edition of the Buster, the Buster K910G.

In terms of basic functions, the K910B and the K910G are pretty much the same -- low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector. The Buster's use of such technology has allowed drug interdiction agents to quickly scan suspected vehicles, spaces, containers, and other areas. Within 10 or 5 minutes of using the Buster (depending on the size of the area being inspected), officers would determine whether the object is positive in carrying drugs (or any other contraband item) inside.

The Buster's RAD-Aware feature is a radiation detection and warning feature that lets the user know the presence of dangerous amounts of radioactive leaks, leading the user to set up safety boundaries to protect people from radiation.

Speaking of radiation and radioactive, the Buster K910G has a radioactive source that is significantly smaller (25% less) than that of their competitors. All of its lead components have also been removed, making it the safest density meter you'll ever use.

Many law enforcement agents need visual inspection tools for more productive searches for hidden drugs and other contraband. Fiberscopes generally come first to mind as they are widely used for ocular inspections, but videoscopes have become the preferred way as they give a clearer view of objects hidden inside, that are not normally seen by the naked eye. The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System does that exactly -- and so much more!

Its large (5 inches), multi-directional color LCD monitor allows the user to more clearly see what they are inspecting inside an object, without losing visibility of their surroundings. The long, thin, flexible shaft can "snake" through areas that are normally hard to reach, and is protected by a fuel-safe protective coating. It is equipped with a powerful built-in LED light source, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries for longer inspections (as needed).

Photographic and video clips of the evidence can be saved in an SD card, which can be inserted into the videoscope's external storage slot.

While many manufacturers claim that their visual inspection tools are safe, the Perfect Vision V20 videoscope is certified safe, by no less than the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the trusted world leader in product safety. You can use it for more detailed visual inspections anywhere and under any circumstances, even in high-risk areas (like gas tanks).

Efficiency, accuracy, dependability, and safety -- these are among the most important points that law enforcement agents look for in drug interdiction equipment. The tools offered by CSECO match all of the criteria (and so much more), making them indispensable wherever, whenever the agents are called to drug inspection assignments.

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Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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