If You Want the Best Density Meter, Check Out the Buster Contraband Detector

When you want the best density meter, choose the Buster Contraband Detector. It was the first hand-held density meter on the market used for contraband detection, and is the one all others have been based upon since. Here are some reasons why the Buster Contraband Detector is called the ‘gold standard’ of density meters.

The Buster K910B Density Meter, its official name, was designed by Patrick J. Campbell, founder of Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) in the early 1980s. He had previously worked designing equipment that used radioactive elements and was known for his expertise. The federal government approached him and asked if he could design a hand-held tool that would detect contraband. However, it had to be easy to use for ‘non-technical’ people, able to be used with little or no training, be rugged/durable for use in law enforcement settings, and be effective. Campbell was eager to work with US Customs and Border Protection agents to design a tool using radio isotopes that was able to perform to their specifications. The result was the “Buster.” That was 30 years ago. Since that time, the Buster has been used by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies across the country as well as a growing number of foreign countries.

The Buster contraband detector works by emitting low-intensity gamma radiation. This is completely safe to the officers and agents using it, but is effective in locating contraband such as illegal drugs, currency, radioactive materials like bomb components or dirty bombs, and weapons. Its competitors, however, use radio waves, ultra-violet waves or microwaves to try to detect anomalies. Because the “Buster” uses superior gamma radiation, it is able to detect minute differences in the density of an object and effectively alert the user to the presence of a filled void behind the surface. The Buster provides an auditory alert as well as a visual alert which is visible on a hand-held display.

The Buster density meter also provides results quicker than its competitors. When the Buster is employed, it can quickly scan an average vehicle within five minutes. Larger vehicles, of course, may take longer. What’s more impressive is the fact that the results will be accurate.

Other detectors are limited because they can only scan through one or two surfaces. The Buster, on the other hand, is able to scan through wood, metal, reinforced plastic, dirt, liquid and some organic matter.

An optional telescoping handle (extension pole) can also be used with the Buster. This can be quickly attached to the Buster to be able to scan tall sides, tops and undersides of tractor trailers or other large vehicles or building walls.

One feature other contraband detectors don’t have is the ability to detect radioactive materials. The Buster comes equipped with Rad-Aware® technology, enabling users to detect the presence of radioactive materials. If they are detected, first responders will be able to determine a safe-zone that will keep personnel away from possible dirty bombs or radioactive spills.

You may also be interested in our newest tool in contraband detection – the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Inspection System.  It is a significant advancement in visual search capability with its large LCD screen, still/video image capture, and UL-certification for safe use in hazardous locations like fuel tanks. It can be used in conjunction with the Buster for an even more effective inspection. You learn more about the Buster Contraband Detector by emailing info@cseco.com, calling us at 1-510-864-8010, or visiting our website at http://www.cseco.com.

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Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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