Training on the use of the CSECO Contraband Detection Equipment is provided at our facility for all purchasers of our equipment at no charge. If you would like for us to visit your facility to provide training for your team, we charge a standard training fee. Additionally, we offer training at several state and local law enforcement agency trade shows each year. For more information regarding the dates and locations for upcoming events please contact us.


Our training consists of hands-on classroom participation and practical demonstrations of the use of all gear, and generally requires 8 hours to present. Each participant is certified as a trainer upon completion. This enables classroom participants to return to their units and become trainers themselves.


CSECO also provides training services for our overseas customers. Contact us for details and pricing. Below are links to our training partners that may provide a local option for training in your geographic area.


Contraband detection equipment used on underside of truck Buster K910 Density Meter used on truck The Buster K910G Density Meter in use

The following agencies also give training on the use of our products:

Highway Interdiction Training Specialists (HITS)

Global Counter-Smuggling Training Consultants, LLC


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