What Is an Inspection Videoscope and How Is It Used?

The job of law enforcers and drug interdiction officers is expected to have lots of challenges and risks along the way. Every day and regular inspections should produce quick, sure, and accurate results so that they are able to go to the next procedure in their operations as soon as possible.

That's why they need inspection tools to help them every time they are trying to locate and seize hidden narcotics and other types of contraband.

An inspection videoscope is a visual inspection tool that is used to remotely inspect, probe, or "look through" objects and areas that are not otherwise visible to the naked eye. It is useful for confirming whether or not something is concealed inside that object or area. In this case, that "something" refers to illegal drugs, narcotics, cash, alcohol, weapons, explosives, and other types of hidden contraband.

Once it's confirmed that contraband is hidden in that particular object or area, law enforcement officers are able to seize the contraband before it reaches its intended destination.

An inspection videoscope usually consists of an LCD monitor and a flexible shaft which can be inserted into areas that are otherwise away from normal reach. The shaft has a camera on its tip which captures photos and videos. The user will be able to see inside the object or area by looking at the LCD display while moving the shaft around at the same time. With the inspection videoscope, the user will be able to confirm whether or not there's contraband inside that object or area – so there's no more room for second-guessing.

There are a lot of inspection videoscopes on the market, so you will probably ask: what's the best videoscope right now? It depends on what you mean by "best": the most efficient, the most user-friendly, and the safest videoscope.

Look no further because Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) developed the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System. It is a one-piece tool that is easy to carry and does not need camera cables or any other attachments. This is because the Perfect Vision videoscope has it all: a large 5-inch LCD color monitor, a flexible and fuel-resistant articulating shaft with the camera, and an SD card slot that allows for saving up to 4,000 photos or six hours of video evidence.

The LCD monitor also comes with push-button dimming and digital zoom that is 10 times the resolution of the leading fiberscope. The larger display allows for a full and clear view of the suspect area without losing visibility of the immediate surroundings. There's also no need to squint into a smaller eyepiece which could cause strain in your eyes.

Unlike the leading fiberscopes, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is not equipped with tiny glass fibers. Instead, the tip of the shaft is made from high-quality video chip that does not easily break even with repeated use.

While other manufacturers would boast that their fiberscopes are safe, CSECO's Perfect Vision V20 videoscope is certified safe by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), having met and surpassed all the UL qualifications and standards. It means that this videoscope is safe to use anywhere and in any circumstances. It won't cause a dangerous spark or flame even when it's used in high-risk areas, such as fuel tanks.

CSECO's Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope makes for an excellent upgrade to your current visual inspection tool. It has not only proven to be most efficient, accurate and easy to use, but it has also proven to be the safest inspection videoscope that you'll ever use!

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